Essencia Euphoric Oud 80ml Eau De Parfum


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Essencia De Flores Euphoric Oud, Fragrance for Men & Women, 80ml EDP

Euphoric Oud – fragrance has an oriental character and is addressed to men and women. Perfumers are confident that they can make a person happy. To make this magic real, they combined notes of magnificent oud and bergamot, ginger, licorice and cedar, musk and vanilla.
The composition gives strength for new achievements, relaxes, helping to forget about stress, self-doubt and groundless anxieties. The natural components of Euphoric Oud fragrance guarantee its fullness and depth, persistence and absolute naturalness.
Presenting a perfume, its creators offer to find their way to a secret dimension where harmony reigns and happiness awaits.

Base notes – musk, vanilla, herbs
Top notes – bergamot, ginger
Heart notes – licorice, oud, cedar 



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