Swiss Arabian Shaghaf Oud Aswad Black Oud 75ml Eau De Parfum


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Swiss Arabian Shaghaf Oud Aswad Black Oud, Fragrance for Men & Women, 75ml Eau De Parfum

Shaghaf Oud Aswad is as complex as it is beautiful, just like the feelings of passion which inspired its creation.

Shaghaf Oud Aswad is an oriental, woody, oud fragrance that opens with an accord of floral, woody notes, and a touch of prized saffron. The anticipation builds with a gradual blossoming of its complex heart. Combining the heady petals of rose and jasmine with earthy patchouli and spices, each scented footstep leads to the golden prize. The unique fragrance of agarwood starts to emerge through flowers, spices and woods, building towards a sensual and warm finish. The agarwood invites warm, leathery notes and cozy amber. The oud encompasses all; wrapping you in its cloak of pure gold.

Shaghaf Oud Aswad is a unisex scent ideal for cooler seasons.

This is the moment. This is the passion. This is the scent.

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