Swiss Arabian Rakaan 50ml Eau De Parfum



Swiss Arabian Rakaan, Fragrance for Men & Women, 50ml Eau De Parfum

Rakaan It’s the fragrance of dignity and stature. It is the scent of strength and victory among men. The Rakaan man fears nothing and the scent he reaches for embodies the mighty force of his determination to win.

Rakaan is an intense woody fragrance that brings true traditional oud to the heart of the man who wears it. Opening with a platform of zesty grapefruit and sharp exotic lime, the lotus flower at the center speaks of the beauty of the desert. It spreads its iconic petals, reaching towards the deep, resonant woods of the long-lasting finale. Sublime sandalwood merges with sharp cedar as they join forces with the golden nectar of oud, prized like a jewel among the endless sands.

Rakaan is an intense fragrance for men. It is designed for cooler months.

Always Victorious.

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