Swiss Arabian Kashka 50ml Eau De Parfum



Swiss Arabian Kashka, Fragrance for Men & Women, 50ml Eau De Parfum


Kashkha EDP It’s a fruity, spicy, oud fragrance inspired by the modern man and woman who embody style in all that they do. When they reach for Kashkha, they know that their fragrance is as stylish as they are.

Kashkha releases its notes one by one like scented bubbles of fragrance. Opening with sharp and clean fruity notes, you can sense the bergamot, crisp apple and warm cinnamon in the air around you. As this delightful beginning lifts your heart into a sense of pure contentment, the delicious fragrance gently and seamlessly fuses with the warm and spicy notes of cardamom, golden agarwood and precious saffron. The scent moves smoothly into sharp cedar, cosy amber and tender musk, leaving its stylish stamp on all who wear it.

Kashkha is a unisex fragrance suitable for cooler seasons.

The scent of style.

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