Stella McCartney Nude 50ml Eau De Toilette Unwrapped


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Stella McCartney Nude, Fragrance for Women. 50ml EDT UNWRAPPED


A seductive accessory. Before getting dressed each morning, every woman selects the secret, hidden wardrobe that discreetly defines her mood—her lingerie. Taking inspiration from this deeply personal and intensely feminine moment, Stella McCartney developed a new interpretation of her signature fragrance—STELLA NUDE.

A natural extension of the Stella McCartney Lingerie Collection, STELLA NUDE represents the first accessory every woman puts on her bare skin when getting dressed. Evoking the delicacy and femininity of Stella McCartney lingerie, STELLA NUDE reimagines the classic rose blossom to create a more intimate moment. The fragrance opens with the sensual scents of Moroccan Rose, infused with a fresh hint of grapefruit. As the fragrance reveals itself on the skin, floral heart notes of tender white peony bloom. The striking, feminine scent is invigorated with a spicy hint of pink pepper. STELLANUDE’s dry notes of Ugandan vanilla and intriguing Grey Amber combine to create a seductive base. The fragrance illuminates subtle notes found in Stella, bringing the delicate scent to life in an intimate new way.

In addition to an Eau de Toilette, STELLANUDE is available as a linen mist, allowing every woman to infuse the nude scent into her most intimate surroundings. From crisp sheets to silk slips, the mist gives any fabric the bare allure of lingerie. “I love the idea of walking through a scented mist in your lingerie,” Stella divulges. “It’s quite a cheeky, intimate way to start the day, and it’s refreshing not spraying a scent directly on your skin.”

STELLANUDE is enclosed in a pretty pink slip case, echoing the seduction of delicate lingerie. When undressed, the vintage-inspired bottle reveals contrasting transparent and nude pink panels, implying the juxtaposition of concealed flesh against the bare skin.

Stella Nude comes in 1.0oz, 1.6oz, , 3.4oz, and as Linen Scented Mist 4.2oz. Stella Nude was launched in 2009.

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