Pendora Tobacco Rouge 100ml Eau de Parfum


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Pendora Tobacco Rouge,Fragrance for Men & Women,100ml Eau de Parfum

Tobacco Rouge by Pendora Scents is a phenomally attractive fragrance – a rich, booming scent full of hot cinnamon spice, crisp fruity, sultry tobacco leaf, and enveloping amber that creates a forcefield of deliciousness around its wearer. Perfect for feeling cozy and wrapped-up during winter, perfect for kicking over leaves in autumn, and honestly, perfect for when you want that special someone to draw you in a little closer and hear those magic words purred in your ear: “you smell incredible”.

Inspired by Red Tobacco by Mancera. 

Head notes: Saffron, Cinnamon, Incense, Nutmeg, White Peach, Green Apple & Nepalese Oud

Heart notes: Leaves of Patchouli & Delicate Jasmine

Base notes: Precious Tobacco, Amber, Woody Notes, Vetiver, Vanilla Pods & White Musk.


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