Killer Oud Midnight Ecstasy 100ml Eau De Parfum


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Killer Oud  Midnight Ectasy, Fragrance for Men & Women, 100ml Eau De Parfum


Killer Oud  Midnight Ecstasy Oud Eau de perfume is a mysterious and exotic fragrance housed in a black 100ml bottle. It is a perfect and eloquent interpretation of the oriental intensity of perfume. Spicy and rosy scent touches the heart with the thrilling fusion of black pepper, rose and oud fragrance as its notes. In the end, Smoky incense and olibanum add more power to your personality before finishing into creamy sandalwood. You can rock Midnight ecstasy killer at every occasion and conquer the heart by gifting it to your loved ones.prises selected ingredients that stay longer. This Eau de Parfum deliver a fresh and warm aura that will stay throughout the day.This loud and intoxicating scent opens with zesty bergamot together with aromatic oregano and pimento berry oil make for a dynamic, conflicting start to the fragrance, This is interjected with touches of amber, frankincense, cistus and myrrh, sacred notes that are made contemporary and sophisticated. A dry down of eternally appealing leather, agarwood smoke, patchouli and sandalwood add lasting layers of depth and texture to this scent.

Top Note: Black Pepper
Heart Note: Rose, Plum, Liquor
Base Note: Leather, Sandalwood

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