Fragrance World The Scent of Ambero 100ml Eau de Parfum


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Fragrance World The Scent of Ambero,Fragrance for Men & Women,100ml Eau De Parfumu De Parfum

The scent of Ambero is a fragrance for men, it belongs to the Oriental Woody group. This is a new Edition: Ambero released 2018. perfume: Fragrance World.

The Scent Of Ambero arabesque perfume from Fragrance World. I have perfume, refined, exotic. From the top notes, we are introduced to the scents of oriental, the strong aroma of cloves is lost in the sweet smell of amber and agarwood (Oud) from the middle notes, which are completed and defined with exotic aromas of pink pepper, ginger, amber, suffering and incense of Yemen. Perfume is worthy of your collection. The Scent of Ambero 100ml perfume water for men and women. Original Arabic perfumes imported from the United Arab Emirates.

Top Notes: Cloves, Agar- Wood

Middle Notes: Pink Pepper, Ginger

Base Notes: Amber

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