Fragrance World Aoud Desert 80ml Eau de Parfum


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Fragrance World Aoud Desert, Fragrance for Men & Women, 80ml Eau De Parfum

Aoud Desert is a soft leather fragrance with a clean & soapy musky background. The rose and oud in it are very subtle and smoothly blended with the rest of the notes.

The blend of smokey, smooth leathery oud with a light smell of sweet amber and deep, black, quite animalistic musk makes this blend to one of a perfect way to establish your presence.

Specialized fragrance wafts like a breeze through the dunes of a desert that sums this fragrance up perfectly for anyone.

This scent isn’t about shouting or shape-shifting, but it does successfully create an aura of pure class and a little intrigue for both men and women.

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